Friday, November 2, 2012

Political Ads

I must admit that the timing for taking on a challenge such as NaBloPoMo has been less than ideal. With a head full of congestion and eyes that prefer to slam shut at any moment it's a struggle even though it's only the second day!  But to quote Shania Twain "I Ain't No Quitter". 
The best thing about sleeping so much during the day while the TV blares away providing much needed background noise, at least I am missing about half of the political ads while I sleep.  It becomes more and more difficult to determine who and what to vote for with the constant negativity of the ads.  It's more important than ever to do your research to make sure you are voting for what you want.  You can't take anything at face value and don't believe any of the ads.  Consider who is sponsoring the ads, look beyond the sound bite and find out what was really said, what the candidate really supported and did not support.  I know we are all tired of hearing all of it by now and we just want it to be over.  Let's face it, we won't get anyone who will be able to live up to all of their promises, it's democracy at work...and that's a good thing, it just means we have to be careful what we ask for.  It's great to be allowed to show our passion for different points of view and be able to disagree with each other, no matter who is elected we will get through it...we are a strong country and we have been through a lot...Can't we all just get along? 
I tried to warn you this could be a lame's the best I can do when I feel like crap.  My point is that I hope you matter who you vote thankful you have the opportunity.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Love Pinterest-Guilty Pleasure

I must admit I love Pinterest.  It's just what I needed, another guilty pleasure to allow me to live vicariously through others.  So many beautiful and creative things to pin to your boards and look at later, so many wonderful ideas..."hey I can do that!".  Need an idea for dinner...PINTEREST, need a creative party idea...PINTEREST...what about a good book?  You catch my drift. It reminds me of back in the day when HDTV first came on. I spent hour after hour watching all of the great things I could do for CHEAP (magic word).  I mean really, you don't have to throw anything away anymore, use your toilet paper rolls, your unwanted CD's, old china the list goes on.  I found myself turning into every second hand store and garage sale I could find, looking for the best junk I could possibly find to turn into a work of art, a treasure to behold.  Unfortunately what I usually ended up with was a piece of junk.  I love recycling or upcycling or repurposing or fill in your favorite buzz word here...but frankly, the stuff I bought often ended up on a shelf in the garage, then moved to either a garage sale, the Goodwill or the Landfill. 
Oh don't get me wrong, I will continue to pin things, dream about the ways I can re-purpose my egg cartons and generally continue to look for ways to find my inner Martha...but THIS time I'm going to be more selective, I'm only going to find the good JUNK to turn into treasures and works of art.