Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Staycation 2009 Longbeach WA Sandsations

Me: "Hey Tito, it's 5:00 AM...ya wanna go to the beach?"

Tito: "Are you kiddin' me? I'm not a morning person, you know that...what's the beach and how long do I have to ride in the car to get there? Seriously.....?"

After a bit of coaxing M and I managed to trick Tito into jumping into the truck for his first 4 1/2 hour road trip to Long Beach, WA for the 25th annual Sandsations Festival. I've wanted to check out this festival for years, it's a sandcastle building contest and it seems that each year by the time I figure out which weekend it falls on we have already missed it. Not this year...I finally got the date right.

The beaches on the Washington coast are usually gray, windy, flat and cold. I've lived here for many years and it is a rare occasion that I have ever visited the coast to find it clear and sunny and this weekend was no exception. The weather was not perfect and we didn't expect it to be so we weren't disappointed but it wasn't bad.

Sandsations isn't JUST about sandcastles, there are beautiful and interesting kites...talented Kite Runners who actually hope that the wind is blowing wildly.

There is a pet parade...the woman who organized the pet parade thought that Tito should be in the parade but neither M nor I were willing to parade him around. Maybe next year...we'll see. He was one of only 2 or 3 boxers there (I might add the most HANDSOME...but I could be biased). Sandsations is a GREAT place for dog lovers, this woman had two Great Danes...this albino beauty and another black and white one. They were GORGEOUS!

Sandsations really is a great family event and it is free! I mean REALLY
free! I'm sure there are entry fees if you are actually planning to build a sandcastle, I didn't research that. There are FREE hot dogs, they'll even throw some in for your dog, FREE parking...on the beach...FREE music...FREE kite flying...FREE dog show...FREE people watching and a FREE Art Exhibit using an all natural medium that you have to catch quickly before the sea reclaims the masterpieces.

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