Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photos - Phamily and Phood...

That's our Chef Extraordinaire on the left
The Hostess With the Mostess
Last year Shannon and Wayne saved my butt at Thanksgiving and this year they have come through once again.  Last year was the year of the "sinking soul" for me and I was in no position to make such important decisions as what to have for dinner, who should bring what and all that important stuff.  This year I had no planned days off before Thanksgiving so Shannon and Wayne stepped up to the proverbial plate once again.  As it turned out, I did have the entire week off due to the ginormous amount of snow dumped upon us. Shannon and Wayne have a bigger house and do a better job than I do anyway...BUT...main objective, family bonding time, was a great success.
The Star of the Show-Brined and Beautiful

Wayne showed his carving skills

Delightful Gravy
Sweet Potato/- Cilantro garnish for the Squash Soup
Birthday Girl in Purple-dish up

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