Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spelling and Penmanship: Obsolete in Todays Educational Curriculum

Short post tonight...I just finished stuffing my face with some nice crunchy spicy Tim's Cascade Jalapeno Chips, my back hurts for about the 4th or 5th day and I am tired as hell. 
I just have one question...why do the schools think it's a good idea to eliminate spelling and penmanship from their curriculum?  According to what I have been reading they don't think it is important because of technology like, spell check and the fact that most people use a keyboard more than a pen so they don't need to know how to do these things manually.  WHAT?  I read some of these people's emails and it is not pretty, spell check will not alert you to the wrong word if it is spelled correctly.  Case in point:  One of my friends was writing her resume and her "objective" statement was:  "To work for a company that will allow me to neuter my career"... Really?  She meant to write nurture...not neuter...alot of people have jobs with companies that are more than willing to neuter their careers...she got the interview....maybe it was one of the neutering companies and they needed someone who wouldn't be pissed off about it. 
So what's next?  They won't have to learn multiplication tables because they have calculators and Excel?  It makes me wonder what the schools do consider important enough for their curriculum. 

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