Sunday, June 29, 2008

How I Got Crabs!

So I says to Cap't Mark...I says "Hey it's gonna be 90 degrees today and I ain't had me no crabs in AGES....let's take the yacht out to the South Sound and git us some!" and Cap't Mark in his most eloquent tone replies..."Sure".

Contrary to popular belief crabbing, isn't like they show on the teeeveee ya know, like Deadliest Catch?
Sure,it would have been nice to have Cap't Jonathan Hillstrand from the Time Bandit as our skipper

But Cap't Mark does ok our boat"Fish Bucket". Oh and FYI, the boat was always Mark's boat until I started to enjoy crabbing and it was paid off (last week) it's OUR boat!

After a beautiful ride out to the "crabbing grounds" out by Anderson Island...secret spot of course...we, meaning Mark because I don't touch that icky stuff...baits the traps with chicken legs. Sometimes we use turkey legs, and I know if I weren't there Mark would use rotten fish, but I protest (ok BITCH) too much about that...

Once the traps are baited we have to find the perfect depth to drop the traps...we have a fancy schmancy fish finder that shows the depth of the water in our location, and there would be cute little pictures of fish on it...see the cute little dot in the lower right hand corner...that's a fish baby!!

After we let the traps soak for about 20 minutes we got our first catch...a starfish and a big ol rock crab...all the dungeness were too small so we threw them back

It was such a beautiful day and on the way back to the boat launch we saw this awesome boat (my dream boat) actually this boat will be participating in the Tall Ships event and it is based in Tacoma...

We didn't limit this time but we got enough to have an awesome feast for our weekly family Sunday get-together!! They are soooooooooooooo tasty!! And these crabs don't make you itch or require medication...unless of course you are allergic to shell fish.

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