Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I hate meeces to peeces

I am really tired today thanks to last nights rodent event! Honestly, I don't mind spiders but there are two things I really can't tolerate, rodents and reptiles. If this event had been about a reptile believe me, I would be writing this from a hospital bed not my couch!

Last night I went to bed at around 9:45 after a long grueling day at the office and 2 equally grueling episodes of http://www.aetv.com/intervention/".. Heather stayed last night and just as I was dozing off for my long summer's nap, I heard such a clatter...I sprang from my bed...well not really. All I heard was some sort of yelling...mom mom...then the bedroom door opened a bit and Heather stuck her head in, weeping nearly uncontrollably...."there's a mouse under the dining room table and I don't know what to do..."...well there I was faced with a hysterical child (she's really 31)wanting to sleep, and HELL no I don't wanna tangle it up with a mouse!! But like a good mom I got dressed and came out in the living room to try to find this thing. Heather was sitting upright in the fetal position (more or less) on the chair, making certain her feet were nowhere near the ground that was so recenty touched by a rodent. So we sat and discussed our options for a few moments until I decided to try to scare it out of it's hiding place so we could all get some sleep. So I offered to walk Heather to the bathroom, you know you MUST have a body guard when there's a mouse in the house...wouldn't you know it...the little sucker darted out from under it's hiding place right into Heather's room! OH MY GOD! At that point I had no choice but to awaken the deaf, snoring guy blissfully sleeping in the bedroom. "Mark, Mark...MARK"..."WHAT?????" "We have a rodent emergency, you're gonna have to get up, I'm not touching it". Meanwhile, Heather is still hysterically crying in the chair. So the Knight in Shining Armour which looked strangely like a Costco plush bathrobe, sped triumphantly to the bedroom to make a kill! Not Exactly! He valiantly uprooted every item of clothing from the floor and the closet and the mouse was never found. So off to bed he went with a promise to buy D-Con which means DefCon 10 for rodents!! Finally Heather was calmed down enough to go to bed...thank GOD...I was tired. But I am glad I didn't have to try to sleep with one eye opened all night long waiting for the attack of the field mouse!


Renae said...

The worst thing about mice is when they chew into your last sack of flour and you later find mice droppings in your cookie batter. (Hypothetical of course.)

shan said...

Ew. Mouse chip cookies??