Sunday, July 5, 2009

We went crabbing today and we only had 2 keepers, both were Rock Crab. We caught a lot of Dungeness Crab but all were too small to keep. This was the biggest StarFish (I think it's actually a Sun Fish) we have ever caught. I know it's not really a star fish it's something else, I can't remember the name...but Star Fish is close enough. We also caught a couple of Flounder...put em back...and a big ol Jelly Fish. It was HUGE! It looked like a big ol snotty dinosaur was really disgusting! We had beautiful weather for crabbing, at least in the beginning but then the wind picked up, the currents got rough and it was starting to feel like White Water Rafting in our tiny little boat so we came back. We will go again next week.

On the 4th of July we went to a BBQ at Shan and Waynes. It was fun, it was a potluck but I must say Shan and Wayne did 97% of the work. They looked exhausted by the time we got there and I felt kind of bad that I wasn't more help. We had quite the spread...burgers, dogs, salads, fruit, booze, non alcoholic beverages, was AWESOME. It was so nice to see old friends and acquaintances at their annual event. We left a little early since they are all so much younger I figured they would be more relaxed if the old folks left but we were planning on going crabbing early today so it was good to get home early so we could get up early today. Maya looks like she is singing "Oh say can you see....."

The 4th of July is not my favorite holiday...I'm not big on flaming objects burning up my dry yard and trees. I'm not a fan of having to make sure my animals are calm, cool and collected. What I DO like about it is watching the big displays and doing all of the obligatory oohs and ahhs, the food (trust me I rarely miss a meal), being with family and friends and of course having 3 whole days off in a row!! We spent the third at the horse race track.

Tomorrow it's back to work! I am not looking forward to it. Back to the backstabbing and bullshit once again. I think I need a few more days off. I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am in people I trusted and thought were my friends and how they enjoyed watching my humiliation and the sparks of joy and enthusiasm disappear from me. You should always be aware that "friends" at work are friends until you can no longer fulfill their agendas. I have that pretty clear now...I guess I got comfortable and forgot to think about those things. I will not be defeated though and I will work through this...I am very good at writing resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

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Scarlett Rose said...

jelly fish = best ever.

Plus, everyone could do with some more days off work. I just had school holidays and I hate returning to that place. Truly.