Monday, November 29, 2010

Leave My Willie Alone

Oh this is a hot news flash...Willie Nelson smokes pot!  Apparently he was busted in Texas, now is that any way to treat a Texas Icon?  Yes I know, it's illegal to be in possession of pot, to smoke it or to grow it.  But we let our celebs get away with murder here in the US of A anyway don't we..O.J.?  At least Willie smoking pot isn't harming anyone else...and he paid back all of the taxes his former financial frauds bilked out of the government. 
We finally got the opportunity to see Willie this summer and let me tell ya, that guy works his ass off.  He performed non-stop for about an hour and a half.  It was a great show...he was most likely high, but I don't really care. 
This is not the first time Willie has been busted for pot and probably won't be the last. This time his tour bus pulled into the Sierra Blanca checkpoint and the Border Patrol Officer said he smelled pot when the bus door opened.  Geesh...the pot smoke probably poured out of there like a fireplace with an unopened flue.  Willie's an old man, maybe he needs it for medicinal purposes, besides it's got to be boring out there on the road.  You know he's not gonna quit no matter how many times he gets busted.  You keep on rollin' Willie, we still love ya.

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