Monday, November 29, 2010

Insurance Companies SUCK

It's the time of year when companies present next year's benefits plan to their employees.  I swear it gets more and more difficult to make selections every year.  On the one hand I am very grateful to be offered a number of choices especially considering that there are many companies who don't have a lot of choices to offer.  That being said what I have seen in the last several years is that more and more comes out of my paycheck to pay for less and less adequate coverage. 
Insurance companies are ruling the world of healthcare!  They are making mega-billions of dollars in the process and I just don't know how they are getting away with it.  If you select a program that allows you to choose your own doctor instead of the insurance company slaves, your annual deductible is now reaching EXORBITANT rates.  My annual deductible is now so high that unless I have a hospital stay, I will not meet my deductible for the entire year, that is in addition to the bi-weekly premiums of $130 for the crappy coverage. 
Insurance companies also get to decide which treatment your doctor, you know who I mean...the professional with the actual degree...which treatment is your doctor able to provide for you that the insurance company will pay for.  Whether it is the BEST treatment is irrelevant to the insurance company.  Who are these flunkies that are sitting in their golden offices stamping "denied" "denied" "denied" on these treatments?  I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because my back was absolutely killing me.  I have never had back problems before.  My doctor prescribed a generic muscle relaxer and a generic anti - inflammatory and massage therapy treatments.  I was kind of looking forward to those because I've only had one massage and it seemed like the ticket to loosen my strained back muscles.  The day before my appointment the massage therapist had to call and tell me that my appointment was canceled because the insurance company wouldn't cover it.  REALLY?  They must have the absolute biggest BALLS in the world to allow untrained, non-clinical, office personnel to make other people's health decisions.  In all fairness there has been a lot of fraud, false claims and cheating and you can't blame them for trying to cover their losses.  But in the end as usual, it is the honest person who is not the one taking advantage of the system that ends up paying for the cheaters.
This topic could turn into the longest blog ever but I will leave it at those few, very few, issues for now. 
It's been great fun and an exercise in self-discipline to post a blog everyday for 30 days but I can't believe I did it.  I hope I don't break my arm patting myself on the back. 

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