Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Round Is A Shape

All day long I kept thinking, Wow...I don't have to go home and post a blog tonight.  My 30 days are up...I can put my feet up and relax.  Uh huh, RELAX, what does that mean to me?  Let me think about that a moment, oh yeah, turn on the TV plant the remote comfortably within my reach and sit there like a robot watching for about 3 hours then go to bed.  I believe that is VEGGING not relaxing. I've come to quite enjoy this blogging, it would be great if I had more readers but maybe my writing isn't that "read worthy" but I still enjoy it.  It's kind of like exercising, you get into the habit and it makes you feel so great, like you really accomplished something.  You start to feel the results of being more fit, more relaxed and alert. As soon as you begin skipping a day it becomes easy to skip another day and it snowballs.  Before you know it you just don't do it anymore.  You begin to get out of shape, oh wait, round IS a shape, is that the shape you really want?  So this daily writing thing is just going to have to continue to be a part of my lifestyle.  I don't need a fat, sloggy brain...it's good exercise. 


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