Monday, November 1, 2010

Start the Pressure Cooker

Wow, now the pressure is on to think of something to write every day for a whole MONTH!  It makes my brain spin out of control even more than usual.  I must have thought of 30 different writing prompts today and I came to the conclusion that it's all about observation.  Great, so I am trying to pay attention so I can write something interesting.
Just so you know, I spend much of my day observing spreadsheets.  While I may find them profoundly interesting within the context of how I use them, I have a strong suspicion that readers would not find my observations quite as delightful.  Therefore, sadly I have decided not to share my observations here.
I have never been known for being short of something to say so I plan to subject anyone who may be reading my posts to stories about my friends, my family, my dogs, my work, and random observations that I hope will occasionally be amusing and interesting.  I don't follow writing rules (whatever those are) I just like to blab...randomly blab.
So let's all get through the final stage of these horrid negative election ads and move on to more positive and fun things.  BLOG away everyone!  Good luck...

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