Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild Monday Night

It was an interesting day at the office today.  People arrived bleary-eyed, with recycled hairstyles from yesterday, little or no makeup...warm clothing.  It was all about the power outages around the hood.  We had a HELLA wind storm last night that caught everyone by surprise. The media weather gods missed it with all of their fancy, expensive, high tech,HD, digital crap they predicted winds around 10-15 MPH with occasional gusts to 30.  HAH!  I have no idea how high the winds got here but 10-15 MPH steady winds do not sound like the Acheson, Topeka or the Sante Fe coming through.  It was pretty unbelievable.  Trees and branches were slamming into the house, heavy lawn furniture was blowing around like matchsticks, the roof and windows were rattling.  We were among the lucky ones who did not lose our power however, I was pinned in my yard by a downed 1/2 tree.  It blocked the entire driveway and I couldn't see it until my headlights were shining on it...I thought I could move it but it was HUGE...so thank God for John Deere!  Markie got on the ol John Deere and I was cleared for take-off.  But what a mess the roads were, trees, branches, fir needles, dark intersections, it was not fun.
I guess now we prepare for round two, we are supposed to have more high winds and the possibility of snow.  Although I don't buy the snow prediction, I have a theory that the media uses the threat of snow in their teaser ads to increase ratings, it is November, one of the Sweeps months. We shall see, they were wrong yesterday that's for sure! 

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