Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go---Another Traditional Task Completed 2010---Check

One of our annual holiday traditions is to go to a Tree Farm to get our Christmas Tree. We have been going for about 20 years, it is practically within walking distance from our house. This year the first response I got was from Ben who didn't want to go unless he could bring his toy rifle. Actually he wanted to stay home and play video games, sorry not happening! Heather, aka...Ben's mom, said do I really have to go? Um...yes, sorry...tradition! Buck up and get your ass in gear, we're going and we're gonna have fun...DAMN IT!

Of course once we got there, as usual there are so many trees to choose from and so little time! They were either too big or too small or too dry or too expensive. Once Heather saw that I had my camera her immediate reaction was...this is gonna take forEVER...oh GREAT! The kids were bitching cuz they wanted food...ahhhh another dream tradition still intact.

After a few minutes wandering around trying to avoid falling on my face tripping on sawed off tree stumps we found the perfect tree. It's not going to be as big as Clark Griswolds but it is bigger than what we usually get. It was bigger than our usual selection.

Now that we have found the perfect tree...Ben wanted to try his hand at cutting it down...

In the end we had to call in the muscle...grandpa got it cut ...woo hoo!

Ben stands beside the PRIZE

Because Grandma is the brains of this operation and is the photo journalist on this trip...everyone else has to help cart this sucker back to the car...and it's heavy...and you have to be careful not to trip on tree stumps. They did a great job. The whole thing took about 20 minutes.

Yay...another annual tradition kept in 2010. Now to get it home and decorate it!

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